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May 27, 2014

Notice to International Media in Thailand

LONDON – On behalf of UDD, we urge you not to use the language of legitimate trials in describing illegal and indeed criminal military tribunals that have absolutely no jurisdiction, no independence, no impartiality and no due process that are being used in a manner entirely divorced from law or reason to punish individuals who are political opponents of the military.

Instead of “trial,” please use the term “process” or “hearing.” Please refrain from using the term “judgment” which implies some form of neutral consideration. Please refrain from using the term “detention”, when in fact the individuals detained are in reality hostages.

We underscore that this junta has no legitimacy under international law. Their determination to use military courts and bogus charges only serves to underscore the insecurity of a group of individuals who have lied, deceived the Thai people, and stand themselves accused of violating not only international law but also destroying the very future hopes and aspirations of the Thai people.

Robert Amsterdam
Counsel to the United National Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD)

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