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May 25, 2014

Open letter to Red Shirts, UDD Supporters and Those Committed to a Democratic Thailand

Dear Friends,

It would be an understatement to say the last few days have been very difficult for you. After enduring several months of attacks on the democracy you value so highly, the Thai Army finally showed their hand and decided to join with those opposed to a Thailand based on civil and political equality.

There is no doubt that the Army’s actions have been both illegal and criminal. Their seizure of power, their taking your leaders and their family members hostage and their suppression of any dissenting voices only reveals them as little more than gangsters attempting to strong-arm an entire nation.


UDD Leader Jatuporn Prompan

In the days before the Army embarked on their illegal course of action, UDD leader Jatuporn Prompan asked me to act on his behalf should he be seized by the Thai Army. In light of that, and as we write this letter, steps are now being undertaken to re-form a coherent UDD and Red Shirt leadership outside of Thailand. In the interim we will begin the process of seeking legal, international sanctions against the leaders of the Thai Army’s illegal putsch. General Prayuth and his mafia cabal are hereby put on notice – you will be held to account.

We will also do all we can to find out how those already taken hostage by the Army are being treated. Unconfirmed sources are already alleging mistreatment of your leaders and we demand that the Army allow legal representation and the Red Cross access to their prison camps.

We would also ask you to take photographs and video and prepare testimonies and accounts of any Thai Army activity and send them to Such evidence could prove essential in building our case against the Thai Army – all sources will, of course, remain anonymous.

In the meanwhile we would ask that all pro-democracy activists, Red Shirts and those committed to returning Thailand to civilian and legally mandated rule remain peaceful. The Army may attempt to unleash a “strategy of tension” in the days to come – something which could include terrorist actions – and Red Shirts must do their utmost to stay disciplined, calm and focused.

Yours in solidarity and fraternity

Robert Amsterdam

UDD Counsel

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