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March 31, 2012


Abhisit and Korn Were Registered to Vote in UK as Citizens

We have continued to research the issue of dual nationality as it relates to our petition before the International Criminal Court, and will be submitting and publishing a brief on this matter shortly.  In our work, we have uncovered clear evidence that the former Prime Minister of Thailand Mark Abhisit appears to have claimed British citizenship, as evidenced by his name appearing on the voter registrations below, for a period of three full years when he was studying in the United Kingdom.  This evidence completely contradicts Mr. Abhisit’s many public statements on the issue of his citizenship, and, more specifically, his adamant claim that he studied at Oxford as a Thai student.

Abhisit, as well as former Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij, were registered as electors (voters) at St Johns College, University of Oxford on 10th October 1983, giving them both eligibility to vote from 16th Feb 1984 to 15th Feb 1985, and again in the 1986 register, and again in 1987.

The Oxford City Council, who organize the “electoral roll” or “register of electors” have informed us that the colleges forward the names of students who are eligible to vote to them. You gain eligibility to vote if you are a British, Irish or Commonwealth (ex-Empire) student. The council also informed us that they double check with the college if they are unsure of the eligibility to vote of someone the college puts forward, and if there is any doubt regarding the citizenship of the voter, they are able to show their birth certificate to be included on the voter register. This means that Abhisit (and Korn) enrolled at Oxford using their British nationalities and that Abhisit’s name was then added to the register of electors by St Johns College, his official address.

St Johns College also confirmed this process telling us that at the start of each academic year (late September of any year) they are asked by the Oxford City Council to forward the names of students eligible to vote. The college deduces voter registration eligibility by the nationality put on the enrollment form by the student. Proof of nationality for all British, Irish and Commonwealth students would be required and would need to be provided by the student at the time of enrollment. This means that Abhisit actively and knowingly pronounced himself as a British citizen when he enrolled at St Johns College, Oxford University in 1983.

It is clear, beyond all doubt, Abhisit was “active” as a British citizen. He has known about this for almost 30 years and has lied about it consistently since.

The former Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva appears listed as a UK citizen in the 1984-1985 Oxford Register of Electors

Former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva registered as an eligible voter in the UK in 1984.

  1. Apr 1 2012

    Mark is the criminal liar.

  2. Apr 1 2012

    This is ‘good work’ on your part, sad though the result. Thanks for staying with it. It had seemed a simple case of dual-citizenship, common enough these days.

    But registering to vote clearly shows which of two countries one regards as one’s ‘real’ country.

    Sadly, it’s not surprising to find out that reality is as it seems to be. Korn and Abhisit are Brits, masquerading as Thais.

  3. SomeRandom
    Apr 2 2012

    No, JFL, they’re dual British and Thai. Both 100% of each nationality. You can’t “masquerade” to be a citizen of a country you have full citizenship of. That kind of thinking will land you in a world of arguements, friend – don’t go down that road.

  4. Brian
    Apr 4 2012

    Born in the UK, educated in the UK, spending an entire childhood in the UK, registered to vote in the UK before they were anywhere else, enrolled at university as British citizens.

    They then come to Thailand and get put into power by the army. After that they then keep that power by killing 90+ Thai civilians.

    But why should they care?

    They can always go back to the UK.

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