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February 27, 2012


ICC Addendum on Thailand’s Bangkok Massacres

As a matter of necessity, it has not been possible for us to keep everyone as informed as we would like on the process of the ICC petition. Nevertheless, everyone can rest assured that every effort is being undertaken to present the evidence, testimonies, and details of the case to the relevant officials at the ICC. Below you can read a copy of an addendum to the original ICC petition which we filed this past September.  We continue to collect information and locate new witnesses both within and outside of the military who are increasingly willing to talk, so that hopefully one day we can bring accountability back to Thailand.

ICC: Addendum to the Petition Submitted on behalf of the Red Shirt Movement of Thailand regarding the Bangk…

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  1. SomeRandom
    Mar 6 2012


    Is the Thai government actually cooperating with you in this? Some of us would really like to know.

    Puea Thai has been cozying up with the military very closely now, a sacrifice of liberty in exchange for power. Many of Yingluck’s new found friends are murderers who are shown responsible in your petitions. Many of her ministers are illiberal swine, not mentioning Chalerm in particular. They are actively moving against liberty and meaningful democracy.

    It’s odd Thaksin would continue to fund you in this if he thought you had any chance of succeeding. Because if you do succeed, we know the military will sieze power to protect itself and Thaksin would lose. Thus unless you can explain that the current government, which Thaksin backs, has more conscience than is immediately apparent, people are going berate your work as nothing but character besmirching propaganda.

    I hope you succeed, but unless Thaksin is actually putting his heart into it, you’re actually standing in the way of justice. False hope to lead people down a road to no where is not what Thailand needs. Those who seek justice must have an honest and transparent fervor.

    So, is the Thai government actually cooperating with you in this?


  2. SomeRandom
    Mar 11 2012

    No reply, Robert? Come on.

  3. Robert Amsterdam
    Mar 11 2012

    I’m sorry you haven’t heard back from yet – have been traveling non-stop this week.

    I deeply appreciate your comment and share your frustrations, and I think what you are saying represents a common perspective among many red shirts. I intend to give some thought to a response and publish something a bit longer by tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

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