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February 2, 2011


Video: Thailand and the International Criminal Court

Robert Amsterdam discusses recent misleading statements made by the Abhisit Vejjajiva government with regard to the Red Shirts petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) requesting an investigation into the murders of protesters.

  1. Feb 2 2011

    Excellent work Robert.

  2. Octavian
    Feb 3 2011

    Well done, Robert.

    One thing the ICC and UN Security Council must be made to understand before they make any decision on action is, regardless of what verdict would ultimately be delivered, if nothing is done about this [massacre] then there is a 100% guarantee that this will happen again, and it will continue to happen until impartial justice is finally delivered.

    The way I see it, they have a moral obligation to act that is an assumed responsibility from the height of their position.

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