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September 7, 2010


Filing before Liberal International Requesting Expulsion of Thailand’s Democrat Party


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  1. Alan
    Sep 8 2010

    Amsterdam and his team are excellent writers and make a good, rational arguments. Hopefully people will take the time to read, research, and draw their own conclusions. My regret is that Amsterdam will be automatically discredited by association to Thaksin. Even so, I hope most people realize that what he is saying makes sense and is supported by evidence. You can pay someone to lie on your behalf, but you can’t pay someone to fabricate all the evidence that Amsterdam cites in his writings. People need to put aside their biases and look at the facts. Is Thailand moving forward or backwards under the current regime? Has the current leadership been transparent and delivered on their promises? Is there less or more corruption 4 years after the coup? Has Thailand become more or less competitive in the global economy? Thaksin is not the answer to these problems. The hope rests with Thai people demanding justice, accountability, and genuine democracy from their leaders. I honestly don’t know when this will happen though because it goes against the nature of most Thai people.

  2. Unknown
    Sep 15 2010

    Allan, I won’t look deep into the corruptions since it has been in Thailand for so many years, during and before the office period of Thaksin. But I will ask, in relation to Thailand moving forward or not, are the actions of the group that is supported by Thaksin (red shirts) consider as the act that helps Thailand moving forward by burning down the Central World mall or the act of closing down airports which hurts the Thai economy? I’m not pointing my fingers to who is right and who is wrong, but I’m looking based on the question you suggested. As for my opinion, I want nothing but for Thailand to be better economically and free of conflict such as the ones last few months ago. But Thailand cannot move forward when there are interruptions by such group. With Thaksin criticizing and planning moves for his supporters to overthrow the current government, Thailand could use help and suggestions to better the country.

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